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Emergency Telephone Numbers

Know your Emergency Locator Number
(posted at your driveway) before making the call.
Be able to give clear directions to your home
using the proper road names.
Keep these numbers handy.

Rural Fire 911

RuraL Ambulance 911 

OPP 911                       

MNR-Fire Permits 476-2200
Forest Fire 1-888-284-3473

Fire in NW Ontario

310-FIRE (3473)

after hours

Poison Control  



GORHAM: Shelley Tuomi 767-5800

FOWLER: Tom Chaval 767-2358

JACQUES: Barry Hendrickson 767-2288

WARE: Ed Hill 768-4818

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© All rights reserved

Fire Numbers

Is your Fire Number Visible?
1st response will be delayed
if you can’t be found. 
It is your responsibility to ensure
your number is visible. 

Residents should check to see that their “fire” number is visible and securely mounted to the metal post. This number will guide the fire department, police, ambulance and even your friends to your house or camp. It is very important it is kept in a clearly visible position and not knocked over by the snow plow during the winter. If you need to replace your number or have a new build, please contact the Lappe Local Service Board Office at 807-768-4350, lappeservicesboard@tbaytel.net .
.......A message from the Fire Team
And your Local Services Board



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