Emergency Services: 

SEPT. 2015 Fire Department Report

We would like to remind all residents that new Ontario Legislation requires every residence in Ontario that has a fuel-burning appliance to be outfitted with a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm. Please review and understand the requirements from the Ontario fire Marshal at http://www.mcscs.jus.gov.on.ca and complete the Safety Checklist.

CO is an odorless and colorless by-product of incomplete combustion of fuel such as natural gas, propane, heating oil, kerosene, coal, charcoal, gasoline, wood, or other bio-fuels. Incomplete combustion can occur in any fuel burning device such as your home furnace or fireplace. Automobiles left running in an attached garage, a portable generator operating near an open window or in the garage, an outdoor gas barbecue operated inside the house, a grill or kerosene heater that is not properly vented, or a fireplace chimney that is poorly maintained may create unsafe (fatal) levels of CO.

CO alarms may be installed at any height. However, if a combination smoke/CO alarm is used, it must be installed on or near the ceiling as per manufacturer’s instructions, to ensure that it can detect smoke effectively.
At the middle of our camping season we are also reminding all the cottage owners in Lappe to ensure that camp safety is on your mind. Ensure that every camp is equipped with a working smoke alarm on every floor and outside of every sleeping area and your family escape plan is prepared and practiced. If you have propane-powered appliances like stoves, refrigerators or heaters, install a propane leak alarm at floor level.

Congratulations to two of our staff who recently were successful on making the hiring list for City Fire. We also have two staff who will be leaving the department in September for paramedic training outside of the city. This certainly is a testament to the qualifications, dedication and abilities of our volunteers. However, the department is left to deal with a 25% reduction of our workforce. Training will be resuming in September and without significant interest from the community in terms of new volunteer applicants, our fire department will experience times when emergency response will not be possible due to shortages of first responders. The Fire Department will be notifying the LSB accordingly and is asking sincerely and seriously for help from anyone capable of volunteering to make the community we all enjoy a safer place to live.

For more information contact the Lappe Fire Department. Please make sure that every home has a working smoke alarm on every level and outside of every sleeping area. Have a fun safe summer!

Bill Pottruff, Fire Chief