1.  Call to Order

       The Meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm.

           Present:  LSB:  Linda Parker (Secretary/Treasurer), Don Boyce (Chair),
                  Directors: Chris Hansen, Darren Auld, Carly Hackborn (Recreation Coordinator)

                  Fire Services: Bill Pottruff

                  Regrets:  Don Quennell

                 Guests:   Lorenz Bosinger, Erika North  

2.   Agenda
     Motion 01/10/17

    - Motion to accept the Agenda
    - Moved by Darren Auld, seconded by Carly Hackborn. Adopted.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
    Motion 02/10/17 -    Motion to accept the Minutes of the September 19, 2017 Election Meeting.
                                 Moved by Darren Auld, seconded by Carly Hackborn. Adopted.

    Motion 03/10/17   Motion to accept the Minutes of the Sept. 19, 2017 Meeting to Elect Chair.

                   Moved by Darren Auld, seconded by Carly Hackborn. Adopted. 

    Motion 04/10/17  -    Motion to accept the Minutes of the Sept. 19, 2017 Regular Meeting.

                   Moved by Chris Hansen, seconded by Darren Auld. Adopted.

  4. Business Arising from Minutes


5. Financial Reports
    Motion 05/10/17

  - Motion to approve the Financial Reports. 

  - Moved by Chris Hansen, seconded by Darren Auld. Adopted. 


6.  Correspondence

An email was received from East Hawkeye Lake Campers and the Fowler Roads Board asking the Lappe LSB to look after the maintenance and snowplowing of their new Helipad at the corner of Gilbride and East Hawkeye Lake Rd. Evidently Ornge has approved their site. We will look at supporting their needs. We will need documentation from Ornge to prove that this site has been approved. We will have to apply for grants if required. 


7. New Business                 

a) Land Purchase

Currently the Community Room in the school is not satisfying our needs in the community. It was agreed that we are going ahead now with the purchase of the land (13.6 acres) on the corner of Burke’s Road and Dog Lake Road. It is in a very good location and the price will be approximately $50000 plus about $3000 in legal fees and land transfer fees as well. In the future, we will look at funding to cover the cost of building a new hall. The risk is low on this purchase. We may have to insure this vacant land. Don Boyce will contact the previous Chair of the Board to get more information in order to proceed on this issue. 

b) Transfer Site Coordinator

Don Boyce has agreed to be the site Coordinator for the Transfer Site. He will not accept the monthly    honorarium.

c) Delegation

E. North questioned what was the evidence that our previous Chair, Ralph Bullough, was alleged to move Gorham from an unorganized status to an organized status. Many people that came out to vote last month have evidently been told that this was the situation. Erika North that she is a personal friend of Ralph and knew that this was not his intention. 

Our Chair, Don Boyce, replied that he had heard talk about it. He said that previously the Board appeared to be involved in gravel for example that is not part of the mandate of the LSB. He had not told people that Ralph was intent on an organized status.  At a April or May meeting Don Boyce did ask the question, “Is the Board moving towards becoming an organized township?”,  three times before he got a straight answer on this matter. 

Erika North asked what is wrong with looking at the Aggregate Act as it pertains to an unorganized township. 

Don Boyce replied that this has nothing to do with the mandate of this local services board. This LSB has been mandated for Fire Hall, Recreation, Garbage and other possible services under the NSBA. This Board should have nothing to do with gravel pits. 

Erika North then resigned as Editor of the Lappe Lantern. It was then discussed that Erika has been doing a great job as editor of our newsletter. It was suggested that we ask her to reconsider her resignation. Don Boyce will contact her at a later date. 

 d) Bylaws

       Bylaws were reviewed and signed. These included:

  • Bylaw 17/18 – X - Secretary
  • Bylaw 17/18 – VII -  Safety Deposit Box
  • Bylaw 17/18 – II -  Banking
  • Bylaw 17/18 – XIX - Excluded Expenses
  • Bylaw 17/18 – III – Procedural Bylaw
  • Bylaw 17-18 – V – City of Thunder Bay
  • Bylaw 17/18 – IV - Municipal Insurance
  • Bylaw 17/18 – I – Service Contract (Fire Department)
  • Contract – LSB & Lappe Emergency Services Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Bylaw - 17/18 – XX – Conflict of Interest
  • Bylaw – 17/18 – Snowplowing Service Contract
  • Bylaw – 17/18 – XVI – Library Services
  • Contract – LSB & Thunder Bay Public Libraries
  • Bylaw 17/18 – VI – LSB Procurement


Motion 06/10/17 To change banking and safety deposit signers to four people: Don Boyce, Carly Hackborn, Chris Hansen and Linda Parker. 

  • Moved by Darren Auld, seconded by Chris Hansen. Adopted. 


Motion 07/10/17 To accept current bylaw and to amend Bylaw 17/18 – VI Procurement at a later date. 

  • Moved by Darren Auld, seconded by Chris Hansen. Adopted. 

e) Secretary Treasurer Position

       Linda Parker has resigned as Secretary Treasurer as of October 31, 2017. 

       Motion 08/10/17 To accept resignation of our current Secretary Treasurer.

  • Moved by Carly Hackborn, seconded by Darren Auld. Adopted. 

It was discussed that the position be advertised as soon as possible. Don Boyce, Carly Hackborn and Linda Parker will conduct interviews. 

f) 2017/2018 Budget

Each and every individual department budgets were reviewed and discussed. It was discussed and agreed that if we purchase the land for the new hall in 2017 or 2018, we can use the Fire Truck Replacement Contingency fund of the fire department. The fire department does not plan on spending their contingency in the next few years. If we use those funds for the land we can replace the Fire Department contingency fund over the next few years. A final 2017-2018 Budget was completed and approved. The final copy will be passed at the next meeting. The Levy will be $294.14 per household.

8.  Recreation Report – Submitted by Carly Hackborn, Recreation Coordinator

All recreation programs are running as expected.

Home and school association has planned two events for October- Movie Night on October 20th and Halloween Night on October 27th.

In addition there is a private birthday party scheduled for Nov 11th and a flu clinic scheduled for Nov 30.- Health Unit will send advertisement package to the office.

Discussions with the school have been taking place regarding replacing the volleyball poles.

Discuss with board on what to do with the empty display cabinets in front entrance. The Historical Society is currently installing a display. 

Today-October 17th is Community Library Appreciation Day. I volunteered four hours of my time today at Waverly library as representation from our LSB.

In regards to Soccer which will begin again in May- I have had a conversation with Thunder Bay Chill to include them in either a kick-off party/ wrap-up celebration. I have also had the thought of purchasing participation medals for all players, quotes will be presented to the board in 2018.

Some of the classes/courses that I’ve been looking to take to enhance the role of recreation coordinator are safe food handling and first aid; quotes and dates will be presented to the board next meeting.

As a reminder that every event/meeting/use of community room or school needs to have a permit filled out that has to be approved by the Lakehead District School Board and the Vice-Principal. In regards to October 14th no communication was sent to myself or other board members that the meeting was canceled. We had a valid open permit that needed to modified. This is discussed in our contract with the school board- and is not optional. 

Gorham and Ware Facebook page was discussed. We have no passwords or access to use this site. 

We will contact the previous chair for information on this. 

9.  Emergency Services Report

The Rescue 83 Expedition truck has one sealed bid for its purchase. It was agreed that the board will open this bid and give the person the option to purchase this vehicle in an “as is” condition. Once the new truck comes the Expedition will have to be removed from the fire hall.

The OFM has some administrative changes in what the OFM wants to see as far as documentation so we will be in compliance with their administrative requirements. Some of their requirements affect us operationally. For the most part they have no concerns about us operationally. There are a few gaps in training records. We are confident that the Fire Department has all the records required. However, some of these records are combined with confidential records of volunteers. We would require someone to review records, photocopy records as needed to comply with the OFM requirements. The OFM representative, Andrew Bak, would like to approach the board at the next meeting in November 21, 2017. 

10. Waste Facility


11.       Helipad

                No report.

12.       Fire Number Report

                No report. 

 13.       Adjournment – Motion to adjourn – Darren Auld. 

                Meeting adjourned at 9:48 pm.  


NEXT MEETING – November 21, 2017   7:00 PM






Minutes of the Election Meeting – September 19, 2017

  1.     Called to Order

     The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm. 

     Present:  LSB   Linda Parker (Secretary), Ralph Bullough (Chair),
     Stephen Garstin, Darren Carruthers, Chris Hansen, Tamara Carruthers               

        Fire Services: Darren Auld

        Recreation: Carly Hackborn

Guests: Linda Braun, Northern Development Officer, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines; see also the attached lists of attendees and voters.

2.    Election for the 2017- 2018 Board of Directors

       There was a call for nominations to fill the five director positions. 

Lloyd Kivinen nominated Don Boyce                    Seconded by Barry Hendrickson.   Accepted.

Nancy Quennell nominated Ralph Bullough.       Seconded by Leila Kajorinne.         Accepted.

Barb Friday nominated Don Quennell                  Seconded by Chip Hansen.          Accepted.

Nancy Quennell nominated Chris Hansen.          Seconded by Don Boyce.                Accepted.

Carly Hackborn nominated Sacha Torkkeli          Seconded by Allan Kijda.           Accepted.

Kelly Kovisto nominated Tamara Carruthers.      Seconded by Chelsea Boyce.     Accepted. 

Don Boyce nominated Darren Auld                      Seconded by Chelsea Boyce.     Accepted. 

Darren Auld nominated Darren Carruthers          Seconded by Cameron Carruthers. Accepted. 

Suzanne Chaval nominated Carly Hackborn       Seconded by Sacha Torkkeli        Accepted. 

Betty Dillabough nominated Stephen Garstin      Seconded by Leila Kajorinne    Not Accepted. 

There were no other nominations.

An election was held. Eligible voters signed the Voters list and received a ballot on which voters could vote for up to five people. The actual voting was done in the LSB office and ballots were deposited into a sealed ballot box. Two volunteers, Rob Primmer and Shannon Primmer volunteered to count and summarize the votes. Linda Braun, Northern Development Officer, presided over the counting process. 

As a result of the count, the 2017-2018 Board of Directors will consist of:

        Don Boyce

        Carly Hackborn

        Don Quennell

        Chris Hansen

        Darren Auld

3. Motion 01/09/17 to allow Linda Braun, Northern Development Officer, to destroy all ballots. 

Motion moved by Don Boyce. 

4.The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm. 


                                     NEXT MEETING – October 17, 2017




Minutes of the Election Meeting for Chair – September 19, 2017

1.  Called to Order

     The Meeting was called to order at 8:12 pm.

     Present:  LSB   Linda Parker (Secretary), Don Boyce, Darren Auld, Carly Hackborn,

                        Chris Hansen, Don Quennell.         

2. Election for the 2017- 2018 Chair of the Board

There was a call for nominations to fill the position of Chair of the Board. 

Chris Hansen nominated Don Quennell.     Not Accepted.

Darren Auld nominated Don Boyce.               Accepted.

Don Quennell nominated Chris Hansen.        Accepted

An election was held by secret ballot for the two nominated directors that accepted their nominations. 

As a result of the count, Don Boyce was elected to be Chair of the Board for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. 

3. Motion 01/09/17 to allow Linda Braun, Northern Development Officer, to destroy all ballots. 

Motion moved by Don Quennell. 

4.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm. 

 Motion 02/09/17 Motion to Adjourn, moved by Ralph Bullough.              





Minutes of the Meeting – September 19, 2017

  1. Call to Order

       The Meeting was called to order at 8:15 pm.

       Present:  LSB:  Linda Parker (Secretary), Ralph Bullough (Chair),
                      Stephen Garstin, Darren Carruthers, Chris Hansen, Tamara Carruthers            

                      Recreation: Carly Hackborn

                      Fire Services: Darren Auld

Guests: Linda Braun, Northern Development Officer, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines;  See attached for guests


2.  Agenda
    Motion 01/09/17

    - Motion to accept the Agenda
    - Moved by Chris Hansen, seconded by Stephen Garstin. Adopted.

3.  Minutes of Previous Meeting
     Motion 02/09/17 -  Motion to accept the Minutes of the June 20, 2017 Meeting.
                                  Moved by Stephen Garstin, seconded by Chris Hansen Adopted.


4.  Business Arising from Minutes


5.  Financial Reports
    Motion 03/09/17

- Motion to approve the Financial Reports. 

- Moved by Chris Hansen, seconded by Darren Carruthers. Adopted. 

A question was asked by a resident about some of the expenses incurred by the Fire Department for meals at Sweet G’s restaurant. It was explained that these expenses are being charged to the Training Expense budget and will be reflected on the 2017-2018 budget. Our Fire Chief was not in attendance so we were unable to exactly explain these charges. The resident was asked to attend the next budget meetings so he can get a proper explanation of these expenses and can comment on them then. 

6. Correspondence


7. New Business                 

a) Library Contract

The new Library contract has been received and should be signed by the Chair at our October 17, 2017 meeting. 

b) New Hall

The purchase of land for the purpose of building a new Community Hall was forwarded to be addressed by the Board at our October 17, 2017 meeting. 


8. Recreation Report – Submitted by Carly Hackborn, Recreation Coordinator

Soccer wrapped up in June. Some of the feedback I received was;

  • Weather/Canceled games
  • Late Jerseys
  • Lack of respect for coaches
  • Bugs

This week has been the start-up of the recreation programs for the 2017/2018 

Rural Best Start which began September 13th and will run every Wednesday at 10:00am til June. 

Sunday Volleyball started Sept 17th and will run every Sunday at 6:30 til June. 

Take a Break began Sept 18th and will run every Monday at 10:00am til June.

Yoga began Sept 18th and will run every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 pm til June.

Tae Kwon Doe begins Sept 19th and runs every Tuesday at 7:30 pm til June. 

Currently we will not see the return of basketball as we are unable to secure a reliable supervisor.

Shannon Primmer may continue to offer Photography classes but will be on a “one-of” schedule as she has a very demanding work schedule.

I am currently in the discussions to possibly have a work-out class/aerobics for women, Taking off Pounds Sensibly group (TOPS) and also a weekend womens’ self-defense class. 

October has quite a few meetings scheduled as well as a birthday party.

  • Birthday party – Oct 1st
  • Jacques Roads Board – October 10th
  • Private meeting – Oct 14th
  • Fowler Roads Board – Oct 19th
  • Gorham Roads Board – Oct 24

November 30th is booked for a flu shot clinic with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. 

All permits til June have been submitted and approved by the Lakehead District School Board.

I will discuss Volleyball pole replacement and solutions with the Board and with School Board. 

9. Emergency Services Report Submitted by Bill Pottruff read by Darren Auld

Training has resumed for this year and we currently have two new firefighters. Five of our members attended Firecon for some outstanding training. Our focus this year was to send our newer members for basic practical training. 

Pumper 87 should be repaired by the end of this week. It appears that a manufacturer’s defect caused the tank to crack, however we have not received a report from Holland Enterprises outlining their findings. I would encourage the LSB to investigate as to whether this cost can be recovered. It is unclear at this time if Eastway is in business or not. 

Firefighter Tamara Carruthers has been doing an outstanding job with several innovative fire prevention initiatives in our community in consultation with the OFMEM. Our advisor Andrew Bak will be meeting with the department soon and will advise the LSB of the outcomes of this meeting. 

The construction of our new truck appears to be on schedule with no projected cost overages. 

I recently attended the LSB office and the secretary advised that a resident wanted to make a donation to the Fire Department. The resident was advised to call the hall which to my knowledge has not happened. This is a missed opportunity for the Department and the LSB and we would like clarification as to why the office cannot accept donations on behalf of the Fire Department, as has been the case in the past?

In order to submit a budget this year I need to see a detailed general ledger from the LSB to confirm that the budget lines for this year are correct and be able to more accurately predict out funding needs for 2018. I have asked twice (by email) since July 24th for this information but is has not yet been provided. I would like to request that Director Tamara Carruthers retrieve this information and provide it in order to begin budget planning which requires a significant amount of time. Thank you Tamara for offering to assist with this. 

10.Waste Facility

The Ministry of Natural Resources toured the Transfer Site. They said that our site was very good. LTL Contracting has not yet begun construction of the new ramp for the site. LTL has not yet submitted the waste figures for the site that have to be reported to the Ministry of Natural Resources. 

11. Helipad  No report.


12.Fire Number Report

Don  Quennell reports that he has been looking after the installation of fire numbers for a number of years. He asks that residents report damaged or stolen fire number signs so they can be replaced. Residents can contact the LSB office and speak with the Secretary and she will arrange for replacement of signs. 


13. Farewell Message

Don Quennell said that he has worked with Ralph Bullough on the Local Services Board as well as the Local Roads Board for a number of years.  He said that he is sorry to see him leave and thanks him for his dedication to the Lappe Services Board. He asked for an ovation to say farewell. 


14.       Adjournment – Motion to adjourn – Chris Hansen.  

           Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.  


NEXT MEETING –  October 17, 2017   7:00 PM