Transfer site requirements, restrictions and recycling guidelines



 Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Cans and Glass   can all be recycled at the Transfer site. 

 Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Cans and Glass

 can all be recycled at the Transfer site. 

Do you need a punch-card for the transfer site?

Punch Cards ($20) will only be sold to residents or property owners within the Lappe Local Services Board area. Purchase cards at the Services Board Office at Gorham and Ware School. Office is just inside main door on the left side. Identification must be presented to confirm residency.  
To purchase Punch Cards through the mail, send a check with a copy of a bill to confirm the address of the property in the Services Board Area and a card will be sent back to you.

Mail to:
Lappe and Area Local Service Board
2032 A Kam Current Rd
Gorham Ontario                                                                            
 P7G 0K5                

Summer Hours:                                                                     Winter Hours:
April 16th to October 15
Wednesday 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm                                             October 16 to April 15
Saturday     1:00 pm to 4:00 pm                                             Saturdays 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Sunday       2:00 pm to 7:00 pm  


Site Restrictions and Guidelines:


76 cm X 96 cm (30 in X 36 in)

76 cm X 96 cm (30 in X 36 in)

Trout Lake Waste Transfer and Recycling Facility Recycling Guidelines
Recyclable items are accepted at our transfer site at no charge.You do not use the punch-cards for recycling. The various bins are labelled. Please make sure to follow the instructions. 

Place in one side of bin:
Plastics:  Only plastic bottles #1 & #2 with screw-top caps are acceptable. Please remove the caps. 
Metal Food Cans: Please rinse cans before recycling. Although pop cans are acceptable, we ask that you consider bringing these to the recycling bins at Gorham & Ware School, so the students can benefit from these funds. 
Tetra Packs, Juice and Milk Cartons:  Please rinse and flatten. 

Place in other side of bin: 
Newspapers, Other Paper, Fibre Egg Cartons, Cardboard, Boxboard:
Flatten all boxes. Do not place heavily coloured paper, or cardboard that is waxed in these bins. 

In a separate bin: 
All glass bottles and jars are recyclable, please remove caps and rinse first. 

he cost is one punch per regular-sized garbage bag. Bag maximum size is
76 cm X 96 cm (30 in X 36 in). Oversize bags will be need to use two credits or more on their punch card. A measuring box is available at the site to confirm size limitations.  
lease remember that we cannot accept the following at our facility: yard, construction, or electronic waste, appliances or hazardous materials.Our services board has an agreement with the City of Thunder Bay to accept our household waste. This agreement states that our recyclable items must be properly separated and recycled, and not placed in the garbage.

It is important to remember that reducing the amount of garbage we generate naturally happens when we reduce the amount of items we buy. Try purchasing in bulk, ask yourself if you really need an item before you buy it. Re-using items also helps reduce the amount of garbage. And recycling items as listed above, and recycling your unwanted items to places such as the Salvation Army or other stores in town will help, too. If you have not done so already, start a composter this year! It is a great way to reduce the amount of garbage you make, and at the same time, you will be making a superb soil-enhancer to add to your gardens.