Shooting in the Cold 






How to Shoot in a
Cold Climate

Shooting in the a cold climate poses a list of challenges. 
Living in Lappe we have snow on the ground for 6 months
out of the year. Taking photographs in these extreme
conditions can cause some issues with your camera. Here
are some tips to keep your camera rolling in these conditions. 

Acclimate your Gear - take your camera outside first ( in the
case of course) Getting the camera outside first for about
10-15 minutes to let it climatized to the condition you will be
shooting in will help prevent condensation fogging on your
lens and viewfinder. 

If your camera does get iced up, use an air puffer to removed
any frost and then wipe the lens with a microfibre cloth, 
always wipe in a circular motion on the lens. Do Not ever
breathe on your lens this can fog up or damage your lens. 


Keep an extra battery in your inside pocket of your jacket, 
keep it warm as cold weather tends to drain batteries quickly. 

When you are finished taking photos outside you never want
to bring your camera in to warm up right away as this will
cause condensation on the camera and lens. You can put the
camera in a plastic bag until your camera reaches room
temperature, the water will gather on the inside of the bag
and keep your camera dry. I simply leave my camera in my
back pack with some silica packs that I have saved, these are
great for keeping moisture low in my pack. 

Remember to dress in layers to keep warm while out
shooting in the winter months.