Movie Night October 20th



Photography Tips for Fall: 

I would like to start up some new hands on Photography Classes this Winter, although fall is a great time of year for colourful photography.   Here are some tips to help you get the best shots; Use a polarizer to make the fall colours Pop, it will prevent glare and will give you the nice vibrant colours.

Look for reflections in rivers and lakes there are lots of great places here in Lappe.  Surprise Lake, Hazelwood Lake, the small pond on Dog Lake Road or a puddle, creek or lake near you.  Sunrise is not too early get to your spot before the sun comes up and stay out after the sunset to get the vibrant colours with a beautiful sky.  

Get up close to those Autumn Leaves and create a magical Macro, look down and look up  at the trees with a nice cloudy sky you can create some wonderful images. Photograph the fall vegetables at the market, or the pumpkins in your garden.  Create your own works of art with different coloured leaves.

Use camera shake to your advantage with fall colours creating wonderful abstracts of yellow, orange and red. Simply set your aperture to F/ 11 -F/22 so you are using a slower shutter speed and move your camera side to side or up and down. 

See some examples below of what you can create with a little imagination. 

If you are interested in attending a photography class I am looking for some input on days or evenings to teach this winter.  I am open to weekends as this would be beneficial for natural light and getting outside to try different techniques.  You can email me at with suggestions that would be wonderful.