Emergency Telephone Numbers

Know your Emergency Locator Number
(posted at your driveway) before making the call.
Be able to give clear directions to your home
using the proper road names.
Keep these numbers handy.

Rural Fire 911                          

RuraL Ambulance 911             

OPP 911                                   

Forest Fire1-888-284-3473

Fire in NW Ontario

310-FIRE (3473)

 after hours

Poison Control  


Fire Numbers

Fire Numbers



Is your Fire Number Visible?
1st response will be delayed
if you can’t be found. 

It is your responsibility to ensure
your number is visible. 

If you require a Fire Number
Call 768-4350

Residents should check to see that their “fire” number is visible and securely mounted to the metal post. This number will guide the fire department, police, ambulance and even your friends to your house or camp. It is very important it is kept in a clearly visible position and not knocked over by the snow plow during the winter. If you need to replace your number or have a new building please contact the Lappe Local Service Board Office at 768-4350.
.......A message from the Fire Team
And your Local Services Board




At present your Board members are as follows:

Chair: Don Boyce

Secretary/Treasurer: Linda Parker

Directors:     Chris Hansen
                    Carly Hackborn

Recreation Coordinator: Carly Hackborn

Fire Chief:  Bill Pottruff

Monthly meetings for the board are held every third Tuesday of the month at
7:00 pm in the Gorham and Ware School unless otherwise stated. All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend any meeting.

If you wish to address the board please call the Services Board office at
768- 4350 to have your name added to the agenda.
You may also send an email message to

The Lappe and Area Local  Area Services Board Office is located in the Gorham and Ware School. The office hours are:   
               Monday 9:30 am to 2:00 pm
               Tuesday 11:30 am to 7:30 pm
               ednesday 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

Phone (807) 768-4350   Fax (807) 768-900

Transfer Site Passes may be picked up at the office or may be purchased by mail. Simply send a bill with the address of your property in our area and a cheque to our office at:
Lappe and Area Local Services Board
2032A Kam Current Rd.
Gorham  ON  P7G 0K

A dump pass will be mailed to you.


Emergency Services: 

SEPT. 2015 Fire Department Report

We would like to remind all residents that new Ontario Legislation requires every residence in Ontario that has a fuel-burning appliance to be outfitted with a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm. Please review and understand the requirements from the Ontario fire Marshal at and complete the Safety Checklist.

CO is an odorless and colorless by-product of incomplete combustion of fuel such as natural gas, propane, heating oil, kerosene, coal, charcoal, gasoline, wood, or other bio-fuels. Incomplete combustion can occur in any fuel burning device such as your home furnace or fireplace. Automobiles left running in an attached garage, a portable generator operating near an open window or in the garage, an outdoor gas barbecue operated inside the house, a grill or kerosene heater that is not properly vented, or a fireplace chimney that is poorly maintained may create unsafe (fatal) levels of CO.

CO alarms may be installed at any height. However, if a combination smoke/CO alarm is used, it must be installed on or near the ceiling as per manufacturer’s instructions, to ensure that it can detect smoke effectively.
At the middle of our camping season we are also reminding all the cottage owners in Lappe to ensure that camp safety is on your mind. Ensure that every camp is equipped with a working smoke alarm on every floor and outside of every sleeping area and your family escape plan is prepared and practiced. If you have propane-powered appliances like stoves, refrigerators or heaters, install a propane leak alarm at floor level.

Congratulations to two of our staff who recently were successful on making the hiring list for City Fire. We also have two staff who will be leaving the department in September for paramedic training outside of the city. This certainly is a testament to the qualifications, dedication and abilities of our volunteers. However, the department is left to deal with a 25% reduction of our workforce. Training will be resuming in September and without significant interest from the community in terms of new volunteer applicants, our fire department will experience times when emergency response will not be possible due to shortages of first responders. The Fire Department will be notifying the LSB accordingly and is asking sincerely and seriously for help from anyone capable of volunteering to make the community we all enjoy a safer place to live.

For more information contact the Lappe Fire Department. Please make sure that every home has a working smoke alarm on every level and outside of every sleeping area. Have a fun safe summer!

Bill Pottruff, Fire Chief


Lappe Lantern


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Other local businesses in the Lappe Area   Willow Springs Market, Grannies No7 Pizza, Lappe Store,  Lappe Nordic Centre, Gorham and Ware School, Hazelwood Conservation Area, Dog Lake Resort just to name a few. Check for new upcoming classes and events on our events page or on our Facebook Page.  

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TUESDAY JANUARY 16, 2018, 7:00  pm

Gorham & Ware Community School
2032A Kam Current Road, Gorham, Ontario

Lappe and Area Local Services Board requires two additional Directors for 2017-2018 fiscal year.

To be eligible to run for the board and vote you must be a permanent

resident or property owner in the Lappe and Area Local Services Board, a Canadian citizen, and 18 years of age or older.

For further information, please contact the Secretary at 768-4350.


The Lappe and Area Local

 Services Board

            Schedule of Public Meetings

            For the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year


    Tuesday September 19, 2017 Annual Elections

Tuesday October 17, 2017 Budget Meeting

       Tuesday November 21, 2017 Levy Presentation

     Tuesday January 16, 2018

       Tuesday February 20, 2018

   Tuesday March 20, 2018

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Tuesday June 19, 2018

Gorham and Ware Community School

7:00 pm   2032 Kam Current Road


     All Lappe & Area residents are welcome to attend. 


Should you wish to address the board, please contact the
Secretary at the LSB office to add your name to the Agenda at 768-4350. The Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month (Sept to June)




1.  Call to Order

       The Meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm.

           Present:  LSB:  Linda Parker (Secretary/Treasurer), Don Boyce (Chair),
                  Directors: Chris Hansen, Darren Auld, Carly Hackborn (Recreation Coordinator)

                  Fire Services: Bill Pottruff

                  Regrets:  Don Quennell

                 Guests:   Lorenz Bosinger, Erika North  

2.   Agenda
     Motion 01/10/17

    - Motion to accept the Agenda
    - Moved by Darren Auld, seconded by Carly Hackborn. Adopted.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
    Motion 02/10/17 -    Motion to accept the Minutes of the September 19, 2017 Election Meeting.
                                 Moved by Darren Auld, seconded by Carly Hackborn. Adopted.

    Motion 03/10/17   Motion to accept the Minutes of the Sept. 19, 2017 Meeting to Elect Chair.

                   Moved by Darren Auld, seconded by Carly Hackborn. Adopted. 

    Motion 04/10/17  -    Motion to accept the Minutes of the Sept. 19, 2017 Regular Meeting.

                   Moved by Chris Hansen, seconded by Darren Auld. Adopted.

  4. Business Arising from Minutes


5. Financial Reports
    Motion 05/10/17

  - Motion to approve the Financial Reports. 

  - Moved by Chris Hansen, seconded by Darren Auld. Adopted. 


6.  Correspondence

An email was received from East Hawkeye Lake Campers and the Fowler Roads Board asking the Lappe LSB to look after the maintenance and snowplowing of their new Helipad at the corner of Gilbride and East Hawkeye Lake Rd. Evidently Ornge has approved their site. We will look at supporting their needs. We will need documentation from Ornge to prove that this site has been approved. We will have to apply for grants if required. 


7. New Business                 

a) Land Purchase

Currently the Community Room in the school is not satisfying our needs in the community. It was agreed that we are going ahead now with the purchase of the land (13.6 acres) on the corner of Burke’s Road and Dog Lake Road. It is in a very good location and the price will be approximately $50000 plus about $3000 in legal fees and land transfer fees as well. In the future, we will look at funding to cover the cost of building a new hall. The risk is low on this purchase. We may have to insure this vacant land. Don Boyce will contact the previous Chair of the Board to get more information in order to proceed on this issue. 

b) Transfer Site Coordinator

Don Boyce has agreed to be the site Coordinator for the Transfer Site. He will not accept the monthly    honorarium.

c) Delegation

E. North questioned what was the evidence that our previous Chair, Ralph Bullough, was alleged to move Gorham from an unorganized status to an organized status. Many people that came out to vote last month have evidently been told that this was the situation. Erika North that she is a personal friend of Ralph and knew that this was not his intention. 

Our Chair, Don Boyce, replied that he had heard talk about it. He said that previously the Board appeared to be involved in gravel for example that is not part of the mandate of the LSB. He had not told people that Ralph was intent on an organized status.  At a April or May meeting Don Boyce did ask the question, “Is the Board moving towards becoming an organized township?”,  three times before he got a straight answer on this matter. 

Erika North asked what is wrong with looking at the Aggregate Act as it pertains to an unorganized township. 

Don Boyce replied that this has nothing to do with the mandate of this local services board. This LSB has been mandated for Fire Hall, Recreation, Garbage and other possible services under the NSBA. This Board should have nothing to do with gravel pits. 

Erika North then resigned as Editor of the Lappe Lantern. It was then discussed that Erika has been doing a great job as editor of our newsletter. It was suggested that we ask her to reconsider her resignation. Don Boyce will contact her at a later date. 

 d) Bylaws

       Bylaws were reviewed and signed. These included:

  • Bylaw 17/18 – X - Secretary
  • Bylaw 17/18 – VII -  Safety Deposit Box
  • Bylaw 17/18 – II -  Banking
  • Bylaw 17/18 – XIX - Excluded Expenses
  • Bylaw 17/18 – III – Procedural Bylaw
  • Bylaw 17-18 – V – City of Thunder Bay
  • Bylaw 17/18 – IV - Municipal Insurance
  • Bylaw 17/18 – I – Service Contract (Fire Department)
  • Contract – LSB & Lappe Emergency Services Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Bylaw - 17/18 – XX – Conflict of Interest
  • Bylaw – 17/18 – Snowplowing Service Contract
  • Bylaw – 17/18 – XVI – Library Services
  • Contract – LSB & Thunder Bay Public Libraries
  • Bylaw 17/18 – VI – LSB Procurement


Motion 06/10/17 To change banking and safety deposit signers to four people: Don Boyce, Carly Hackborn, Chris Hansen and Linda Parker. 

  • Moved by Darren Auld, seconded by Chris Hansen. Adopted. 


Motion 07/10/17 To accept current bylaw and to amend Bylaw 17/18 – VI Procurement at a later date. 

  • Moved by Darren Auld, seconded by Chris Hansen. Adopted. 

e) Secretary Treasurer Position

       Linda Parker has resigned as Secretary Treasurer as of October 31, 2017. 

       Motion 08/10/17 To accept resignation of our current Secretary Treasurer.

  • Moved by Carly Hackborn, seconded by Darren Auld. Adopted. 

It was discussed that the position be advertised as soon as possible. Don Boyce, Carly Hackborn and Linda Parker will conduct interviews. 

f) 2017/2018 Budget

Each and every individual department budgets were reviewed and discussed. It was discussed and agreed that if we purchase the land for the new hall in 2017 or 2018, we can use the Fire Truck Replacement Contingency fund of the fire department. The fire department does not plan on spending their contingency in the next few years. If we use those funds for the land we can replace the Fire Department contingency fund over the next few years. A final 2017-2018 Budget was completed and approved. The final copy will be passed at the next meeting. The Levy will be $294.14 per household.

8.  Recreation Report – Submitted by Carly Hackborn, Recreation Coordinator

All recreation programs are running as expected.

Home and school association has planned two events for October- Movie Night on October 20th and Halloween Night on October 27th.

In addition there is a private birthday party scheduled for Nov 11th and a flu clinic scheduled for Nov 30.- Health Unit will send advertisement package to the office.

Discussions with the school have been taking place regarding replacing the volleyball poles.

Discuss with board on what to do with the empty display cabinets in front entrance. The Historical Society is currently installing a display. 

Today-October 17th is Community Library Appreciation Day. I volunteered four hours of my time today at Waverly library as representation from our LSB.

In regards to Soccer which will begin again in May- I have had a conversation with Thunder Bay Chill to include them in either a kick-off party/ wrap-up celebration. I have also had the thought of purchasing participation medals for all players, quotes will be presented to the board in 2018.

Some of the classes/courses that I’ve been looking to take to enhance the role of recreation coordinator are safe food handling and first aid; quotes and dates will be presented to the board next meeting.

As a reminder that every event/meeting/use of community room or school needs to have a permit filled out that has to be approved by the Lakehead District School Board and the Vice-Principal. In regards to October 14th no communication was sent to myself or other board members that the meeting was canceled. We had a valid open permit that needed to modified. This is discussed in our contract with the school board- and is not optional. 

Gorham and Ware Facebook page was discussed. We have no passwords or access to use this site. 

We will contact the previous chair for information on this. 

9.  Emergency Services Report

The Rescue 83 Expedition truck has one sealed bid for its purchase. It was agreed that the board will open this bid and give the person the option to purchase this vehicle in an “as is” condition. Once the new truck comes the Expedition will have to be removed from the fire hall.

The OFM has some administrative changes in what the OFM wants to see as far as documentation so we will be in compliance with their administrative requirements. Some of their requirements affect us operationally. For the most part they have no concerns about us operationally. There are a few gaps in training records. We are confident that the Fire Department has all the records required. However, some of these records are combined with confidential records of volunteers. We would require someone to review records, photocopy records as needed to comply with the OFM requirements. The OFM representative, Andrew Bak, would like to approach the board at the next meeting in November 21, 2017. 

10. Waste Facility


11.       Helipad

                No report.

12.       Fire Number Report

                No report. 

 13.       Adjournment – Motion to adjourn – Darren Auld. 

                Meeting adjourned at 9:48 pm.  


NEXT MEETING – November 21, 2017   7:00 PM






Minutes of the Election Meeting – September 19, 2017

  1.     Called to Order

     The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm. 

     Present:  LSB   Linda Parker (Secretary), Ralph Bullough (Chair),
     Stephen Garstin, Darren Carruthers, Chris Hansen, Tamara Carruthers               

        Fire Services: Darren Auld

        Recreation: Carly Hackborn

Guests: Linda Braun, Northern Development Officer, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines; see also the attached lists of attendees and voters.

2.    Election for the 2017- 2018 Board of Directors

       There was a call for nominations to fill the five director positions. 

Lloyd Kivinen nominated Don Boyce                    Seconded by Barry Hendrickson.   Accepted.

Nancy Quennell nominated Ralph Bullough.       Seconded by Leila Kajorinne.         Accepted.

Barb Friday nominated Don Quennell                  Seconded by Chip Hansen.          Accepted.

Nancy Quennell nominated Chris Hansen.          Seconded by Don Boyce.                Accepted.

Carly Hackborn nominated Sacha Torkkeli          Seconded by Allan Kijda.           Accepted.

Kelly Kovisto nominated Tamara Carruthers.      Seconded by Chelsea Boyce.     Accepted. 

Don Boyce nominated Darren Auld                      Seconded by Chelsea Boyce.     Accepted. 

Darren Auld nominated Darren Carruthers          Seconded by Cameron Carruthers. Accepted. 

Suzanne Chaval nominated Carly Hackborn       Seconded by Sacha Torkkeli        Accepted. 

Betty Dillabough nominated Stephen Garstin      Seconded by Leila Kajorinne    Not Accepted. 

There were no other nominations.

An election was held. Eligible voters signed the Voters list and received a ballot on which voters could vote for up to five people. The actual voting was done in the LSB office and ballots were deposited into a sealed ballot box. Two volunteers, Rob Primmer and Shannon Primmer volunteered to count and summarize the votes. Linda Braun, Northern Development Officer, presided over the counting process. 

As a result of the count, the 2017-2018 Board of Directors will consist of:

        Don Boyce

        Carly Hackborn

        Don Quennell

        Chris Hansen

        Darren Auld

3. Motion 01/09/17 to allow Linda Braun, Northern Development Officer, to destroy all ballots. 

Motion moved by Don Boyce. 

4.The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm. 


                                     NEXT MEETING – October 17, 2017




Minutes of the Election Meeting for Chair – September 19, 2017

1.  Called to Order

     The Meeting was called to order at 8:12 pm.

     Present:  LSB   Linda Parker (Secretary), Don Boyce, Darren Auld, Carly Hackborn,

                        Chris Hansen, Don Quennell.         

2. Election for the 2017- 2018 Chair of the Board

There was a call for nominations to fill the position of Chair of the Board. 

Chris Hansen nominated Don Quennell.     Not Accepted.

Darren Auld nominated Don Boyce.               Accepted.

Don Quennell nominated Chris Hansen.        Accepted

An election was held by secret ballot for the two nominated directors that accepted their nominations. 

As a result of the count, Don Boyce was elected to be Chair of the Board for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. 

3. Motion 01/09/17 to allow Linda Braun, Northern Development Officer, to destroy all ballots. 

Motion moved by Don Quennell. 

4.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm. 

 Motion 02/09/17 Motion to Adjourn, moved by Ralph Bullough.              





Minutes of the Meeting – September 19, 2017

  1. Call to Order

       The Meeting was called to order at 8:15 pm.

       Present:  LSB:  Linda Parker (Secretary), Ralph Bullough (Chair),
                      Stephen Garstin, Darren Carruthers, Chris Hansen, Tamara Carruthers            

                      Recreation: Carly Hackborn

                      Fire Services: Darren Auld

Guests: Linda Braun, Northern Development Officer, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines;  See attached for guests


2.  Agenda
    Motion 01/09/17

    - Motion to accept the Agenda
    - Moved by Chris Hansen, seconded by Stephen Garstin. Adopted.

3.  Minutes of Previous Meeting
     Motion 02/09/17 -  Motion to accept the Minutes of the June 20, 2017 Meeting.
                                  Moved by Stephen Garstin, seconded by Chris Hansen Adopted.


4.  Business Arising from Minutes


5.  Financial Reports
    Motion 03/09/17

- Motion to approve the Financial Reports. 

- Moved by Chris Hansen, seconded by Darren Carruthers. Adopted. 

A question was asked by a resident about some of the expenses incurred by the Fire Department for meals at Sweet G’s restaurant. It was explained that these expenses are being charged to the Training Expense budget and will be reflected on the 2017-2018 budget. Our Fire Chief was not in attendance so we were unable to exactly explain these charges. The resident was asked to attend the next budget meetings so he can get a proper explanation of these expenses and can comment on them then. 

6. Correspondence


7. New Business                 

a) Library Contract

The new Library contract has been received and should be signed by the Chair at our October 17, 2017 meeting. 

b) New Hall

The purchase of land for the purpose of building a new Community Hall was forwarded to be addressed by the Board at our October 17, 2017 meeting. 


8. Recreation Report – Submitted by Carly Hackborn, Recreation Coordinator

Soccer wrapped up in June. Some of the feedback I received was;

  • Weather/Canceled games
  • Late Jerseys
  • Lack of respect for coaches
  • Bugs

This week has been the start-up of the recreation programs for the 2017/2018 

Rural Best Start which began September 13th and will run every Wednesday at 10:00am til June. 

Sunday Volleyball started Sept 17th and will run every Sunday at 6:30 til June. 

Take a Break began Sept 18th and will run every Monday at 10:00am til June.

Yoga began Sept 18th and will run every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 pm til June.

Tae Kwon Doe begins Sept 19th and runs every Tuesday at 7:30 pm til June. 

Currently we will not see the return of basketball as we are unable to secure a reliable supervisor.

Shannon Primmer may continue to offer Photography classes but will be on a “one-of” schedule as she has a very demanding work schedule.

I am currently in the discussions to possibly have a work-out class/aerobics for women, Taking off Pounds Sensibly group (TOPS) and also a weekend womens’ self-defense class. 

October has quite a few meetings scheduled as well as a birthday party.

  • Birthday party – Oct 1st
  • Jacques Roads Board – October 10th
  • Private meeting – Oct 14th
  • Fowler Roads Board – Oct 19th
  • Gorham Roads Board – Oct 24

November 30th is booked for a flu shot clinic with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. 

All permits til June have been submitted and approved by the Lakehead District School Board.

I will discuss Volleyball pole replacement and solutions with the Board and with School Board. 

9. Emergency Services Report Submitted by Bill Pottruff read by Darren Auld

Training has resumed for this year and we currently have two new firefighters. Five of our members attended Firecon for some outstanding training. Our focus this year was to send our newer members for basic practical training. 

Pumper 87 should be repaired by the end of this week. It appears that a manufacturer’s defect caused the tank to crack, however we have not received a report from Holland Enterprises outlining their findings. I would encourage the LSB to investigate as to whether this cost can be recovered. It is unclear at this time if Eastway is in business or not. 

Firefighter Tamara Carruthers has been doing an outstanding job with several innovative fire prevention initiatives in our community in consultation with the OFMEM. Our advisor Andrew Bak will be meeting with the department soon and will advise the LSB of the outcomes of this meeting. 

The construction of our new truck appears to be on schedule with no projected cost overages. 

I recently attended the LSB office and the secretary advised that a resident wanted to make a donation to the Fire Department. The resident was advised to call the hall which to my knowledge has not happened. This is a missed opportunity for the Department and the LSB and we would like clarification as to why the office cannot accept donations on behalf of the Fire Department, as has been the case in the past?

In order to submit a budget this year I need to see a detailed general ledger from the LSB to confirm that the budget lines for this year are correct and be able to more accurately predict out funding needs for 2018. I have asked twice (by email) since July 24th for this information but is has not yet been provided. I would like to request that Director Tamara Carruthers retrieve this information and provide it in order to begin budget planning which requires a significant amount of time. Thank you Tamara for offering to assist with this. 

10.Waste Facility

The Ministry of Natural Resources toured the Transfer Site. They said that our site was very good. LTL Contracting has not yet begun construction of the new ramp for the site. LTL has not yet submitted the waste figures for the site that have to be reported to the Ministry of Natural Resources. 

11. Helipad  No report.


12.Fire Number Report

Don  Quennell reports that he has been looking after the installation of fire numbers for a number of years. He asks that residents report damaged or stolen fire number signs so they can be replaced. Residents can contact the LSB office and speak with the Secretary and she will arrange for replacement of signs. 


13. Farewell Message

Don Quennell said that he has worked with Ralph Bullough on the Local Services Board as well as the Local Roads Board for a number of years.  He said that he is sorry to see him leave and thanks him for his dedication to the Lappe Services Board. He asked for an ovation to say farewell. 


14.       Adjournment – Motion to adjourn – Chris Hansen.  

           Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.  


NEXT MEETING –  October 17, 2017   7:00 PM






Local Roads Boards

Gorham Roads Board - contact Shelley Tuomi 767-5800
Fowler Roads Board - contact Cody Kellogg 768-4811
Jacques Roads Board - contact Gerald Guarasci 767-2448
Ware Roads Board - contact Ed Hill 768-481
MTO - 474-2919

Property Land Tax Review

The Provincial Land Tax is something we all pay in the unorganized areas. Some of us pay more if we are in the education tax areas and for the others it is a much smaller tax. This past year the province has been reviewing the tax at the behest of the organized areas who claim we do not pay our way. There have been meetings by the government with the LSBs and the LRBS as well as the organized municipalities. This could be a serious increase in our tax load. Many of us representing the people who live in the unorganized areas have made detailed representations showing how we contribute and suffer with a lack of service. The link below is a compendium of what has been said and what the government has presented as the existing situation.
Visit the Property Land Tax Review
Visit the Property Land Tax Update


O.P.P Self Reporting

Citizen self reporting comes to the Ontario Provincial Police. 

(ORILLIA, ON) – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has made another move to improve efficiency within one of the largest deployed police services in North America.  

This week the OPP unveils a new online reporting system that will enable the public to report specific occurrences from a computer. Citizen Self Reporting will offer the public another way to report select incidents which are not an emergency, by completing a report online at their convenience.  

The OPP is one of several Ontario police services who have adopted an Internet-based crime reporting system where people can report certain crimes such as lost property, theft from vehicles, and property damage, without an officer having to be dispatched. Only occurrences that do not involve an injury, a suspect or evidence are applicable. An officer will attend if requested by the complainant.  

It is expected that Citizen Self Reporting will be beneficial to both the public and the police. It will provide a convenient alternative to the citizens of Ontario, while allowing frontline officers to focus their efforts on other enforcement and crime prevention strategies within our communities.  

By providing people with another option for reporting crimes, the OPP is hopeful that more incidents will be reported, resulting in the collection of information to develop future crime prevention initiatives.  

To access the system, go to  
The OPP can be contacted toll free anytime at 1-888-310-1122.

Library Services

The Lappe and Area Local Services Board is now providing free library services with the Thunder Bay Public Libraries. You must present proof of residency in order to register for a card, such as your tax bill showing your payment to the LSB. If you don't have your tax bill, bring some identification to our office and a letter of residency will be printed for you. 

Be Fire Smart

Wildfires are a natural part of Ontario's wildland ecosystems. Without wildfire, the landscape loses its diversity. Wildfires recycle nutrients, help plants reproduce and create a mosaic of vegetation that provides habitat for a variety of wildlife.
By choosing to extend our lifestyles and communities further into forested areas, we become more exposed to the danger of wildfire. Living amongst where wildfires can occur puts your home at risk, but it is possible to live safely with this natural event. FireSmart is a nationally recognized fire prevention program which recommends communities and homeowners implement simple and cost effective recommendations to reduce the risk of wildfire’s effects to your home and neighbourhood. These changes to your property and community will also assist wildland firefighters to defend your home in event of a wildland fire.
The following are a few FireSmart recommendations to help you prepare your home and survive a wildfire.

Recommendation #1: Manage the vegetation around your home.
Any kind of vegetation around your home or cottage is combustible and can aid a fire in spreading from the forest to your structures. Trees, shrubs, grass, your woodpile – even fallen leaves - act as fuel to a wildfire. A good fuel free space gives firefighters a better chance to save your home from an advancing fire.  
Priority Zone 1
The first 10 metres of space around your home needs to be your first priority. It is the most critical area to consider for fire prevention. Remove any shrubs, trees, fallen trees or dead branches in that space and use fire resistant plants for landscaping. Deciduous trees have low flammability rates while evergreens are much more combustible. Keep your lawn well watered and the grass mowed short. This will help prevent a grass fire from spreading directly to the house. Firewood should be stacked at least 10 metres away from the house and covered with a non-flammable cover. Sparks from a wildfire can land in the woodpile and a fire there will spread quickly to the house. Remove all flammable material from within five metres of any fuel tanks on your property. If a wildfire spreads to the tank, it could explode and the area would be too dangerous for firefighters to stay.
Priority Zone 2
This priority zone extends from 10 to 30 metres. Prune trees to a height of one to two metres to inhibit the spread of fire up a tree. Reduce the number of evergreens and ensure that the tops of neighbouring trees do not touch.
Priority Zone 3
This zone extends from 30 to as far as 100 metres or more. If possible, reduce and manage potential fuel sources by removing trees, dead woody debris and thick shrubbery that might allow fire to climb up into the canopy and spread from tree top to tree top. The idea here is not to remove all combustible material but to thin the area so that fires will be of a low intensity and easier to extinguish.
Adding a few FireSmart actions to your regular yard work routine will make a big impact to reduce your risk to wildfire. Changes within 10 to 100 metres of your home will have the biggest impact to reducing the threat of wildfire. Fire embers may seem small but are not to be underestimated— 50 % of the homes that burn from wildfires are started by sparks and embers. Regular maintenance and cleaning in the corners and crevices of your home and yard where needles and debris build up will leave nothing for embers to ignite. Remember to remove any windblown leaves under the deck as well as any flammable debris from balconies and patios.

Recommendation #2: Upgrade your home’s building materials and construction techniques to lower its combustibility.
When you are building or remodelling, consider using more fire-resistant materials to increase your home’s longevity. Roofing materials such as steel, asphalt, tile and ULC treated shanks are ignition-resistant, and steep steel roofs do not collect leaves or tree needles. Sparks from a wildfire landing on these types of roofs are less likely to start on fire.
Similarly, siding materials such as stucco, metal, brick, concrete, and aluminum or steel offer superior ignition-resistance and log walls are thick enough to be fire resistant for a period of time.
Large, single pane windows will not prevent radiant heat from a wildfire from igniting materials such as curtains inside the house. Double or triple glazed energy efficient glass provides insulation and reflects radiant heat. Also use non-flammable blinds inside your windows.
The eaves around your roof should be boxed in and screen should cover attic vent openings to keep sparks out of the attic. Embers can collect in open eaves and set the house on fire. Similarly, the underside of wood decks attached to the house should be enclosed. Dry grass or sparks and embers under the deck can set the house on fire.

Recommendation #3: Ensure your home is easily accessible to emergency workers.
Should a wildfire approach your property, damage can be limited if firefighters have easy access to your home. If the access road to your home is not named or marked, post a sign with the name of the road in reflective letters where it easily can be seen in the dark. Similarly, post the house number in reflective numerals so it can be seen from the road. If a fire truck can’t get close enough to your house, firefighters may not be able to protect it. Keep your driveway as short and wide as possible to allow access for a fire truck. If your driveway includes a bridge, build a bridge that is wide and strong enough to hold emergency vehicles such as fire trucks. It’s also important to remove flammable vegetation at least five metres on each side of the driveway as flammable vegetation too close to the road will make it unsafe to travel during a wildfire. 
While these recommendations may not prevent a wildfire from approaching your home or cottage, they will help increase the chance that your home will survive the threat of wildfire. For more information on what you can do to make your home or cottage FireSmart – Please refer to the FireSmart Website at
If you have any specific questions on the FireSmart prevention program – please contact Ian Monteith – Fire Operations Technician at the MNRF’s Thunder Bay Fire Management Headquarters at




Municipal Property Assessment Corporatio
1340 Pickering Parkway, Suite 101, Pickering, ON L1V 0C4

Dated: April 20, 2016

Important Changes for the 2016 Assessment Update
Every four years, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) updates property assessments across Ontario. The 2016 Assessment Update introduces some of the most significant reforms to the Province’s property assessment system since 1998. These changes share a common goal – increased transparency, shared understanding of property assessments, and stability and predictability in the property tax base. With these laudable objectives in mind, a myriad of opportunities exist as we work cooperatively to implement improvements to Ontario’s property tax regime. To that end, I am pleased to share some important highlights with you.

016 Property Assessment Notices
MPAC has put a great deal of effort into redesigning the 2016 Property Assessment Notice (PAN). The new design uses clear language and design principles, and integrates all of the statutory requirements surrounding property assessment information. The new PAN also includes details about how taxing authorities use MPAC’s values and other relevant information about Ontario’s assessment system.
In addition to a new design, Property Assessment Notices for Residential properties will be delivered up to five months earlier than ever before. The redesigned Notice and early mailing dates will help property owners to better understand their assessment and resolve concerns before the final assessment rolls for 2017 taxation are delivered to taxing authorities in December.
The 21-week Notice mailing schedule, which is staggered across the province, began on April 4 with Notices being delivered to residential properties. Property Assessment Notices for farm, managed forest, commercial and industrial properties will be mailed in the fall. The 2016 Notice mailing schedule and corresponding Request for Reconsideration deadlines are attached for your information.

Legislative Changes to Request for Reconsideration Deadline
On December 10, 2015, Bill 144, Budget Measures Act, 2015 took effect resulting in significant
changes to the Request for Reconsideration (RfR) process.
For the 2017 tax year, property owners will have 120 days from the Issue Date of their 2016 Property Assessment Notice to file a RfR. The historical March 31st RfR deadline does not apply for the 2017 tax year. The Issue Date and the unique RfR deadline will be included on every Property Assessment Notice. In response to each RfR, MPAC has up to 180 days to complete its review and respond to the property owner.

Better Service for Property Owners
We appreciate how significant the 2016 Assessment Update is for property owners and we have
developed an extensive outreach and engagement strategy to communicate the changes.
MPAC’s online self-service tool, AboutMyProperty™, has been rebranded and simplified based on
taxpayer research – providing property owners with an easy-to-use interface and improved
navigation features. Visitors can learn more about how their property was assessed, view
information we have on file, as well as compare it to other properties in their neighbourhood –
additional information will also be available on-line without requiring those who visit
AboutMyProperty™ to log in to the site. The enhanced tool will be available to property owners in
correlation with Property Assessment Notice delivery.
As 2016 unfolds, we look forward to working closely with our stakeholders to implement the
significant reforms that are underway. If you would like additional information or to further discuss
these changes, the Municipal and Stakeholder Relations contact list is posted to our website under
the Municipalities tab

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
Issue Date              Geographic Areas                                                                RfR Deadline
Monday, April 4       Simcoe County, Cities of Barrie & Orillia                                Tuesday, August 2

Monday, April 11     Counties of Prescott & Russell, Stormont Dundas &              Tuesday, August 9
                               lengarry,City of Cornwall
                               County of Lanark, United Counties of Leeds & Grenville,
                               ity of Brockville,
                               Towns of Prescott, Gananoque & Smiths Falls

Monday, April 18     Counties of Elgin, Middlesex & Oxford,                                Tuesday, August 16
                               ities of London & St. Thomas
                               Municipality of Chatham-Kent, County of Lambton

Monday, April 25    Territorial Districts of Nipissing, Sudbury & Manitoulin          Tuesday, August 23
                              and all single-tier municipalities in geographic area

Monday, May 2      Territorial Districts of Kenora, Rainy River & Thunder Bay    Tuesday, August 30
                              and all single-tier municipalities in geographic area

Monday, May 9       Counties of Frontenac, Lennox & Addington,                  Tuesday, September 6
                               ity of Kingston Counties of Hastings, Northumberland
                               nd Prince Edward, Cities of Belleville and Quinte West
                               Territorial Districts of Cochrane and Timiskaming and all
                              single-tier municipalities in geographic area

Monday, May 16     City of Mississauga                                                        Tuesday, September 13

Wednesday, May 18 City of Brampton and Town of Caledon                      Thursday, September 15

Tuesday, May 24    County of Renfrew, City of Pembroke                       Wednesday, September 21
                               Counties of Huron & Perth, City of Stratford & 
                               own of St. Mary’s
                               Counties of Grey and Bruce
                               Territorial District of Algoma and all single-tier
                               unicipalities in geographic area

Friday, May 27       City of Toronto (former C/M 1901)                                   Monday, September 26

ednesday, June 1 City of Toronto (former C/M 1904)                               Thursday, September 29

Monday, June 6      City of Toronto (former C/Ms: 1906, 1908, 1914, 1919)       Tuesday, October 4

Monday, June 13   Regional Municipality of York                                               Tuesday, October 11

Monday, June 20   Regional Municipality of Durham                                         Tuesday, October 18

Monday, June 27   Regional Municipality of Halton                                            Tuesday, October 25

Monday, July 4      City of Hamilton, City of Brantford                                      Tuesday, November 1
                              Counties of Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk, 
                              ity of Brantford

Monday, July 11     Counties of Peterborough, Haliburton,                               Tuesday, November 8
                               Cities of Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes
                               Districts of Muskoka & Parry Sound

Monday, July 18      City of Ottawa                                                                 Tuesday, November 15

Monday, July 25      Regional Municipality of Waterloo                                  Tuesday, November 22
                                Counties of Dufferin and Wellington and
                                ity of Guelph

Tuesday, August 2   Regional Municipality of Niagara                              Wednesday, November 30

Monday, August 8    County of Essex, City of Windsor &                                Tuesday, December 6
                                 ownship of Pelee

Tuesday, October 11 Province-wide mailing of Conservation, Farm, Wednesday, February 8, 2017
                                  anaged Forest properties

Tuesday, October 18 Province-wide mailing of Business properties Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Monday, October 24 Province-wide mailing of Remaining                     Tuesday, February 21, 2017
                                Residential Properties

AMENDED NOTICES / YEAR‐END ‐ One extract for all properties
Monday, Nov. 28         Province-wide All Properties                                   Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Pits and Quarries Sites




Aggregate Extraction Ware:

Programs & Recreation


It all starts when...




The Lappe Community Centre is located within Gorham & Ware Community Public School, at 2032 Kam-Current Road. We share the building with the school. Most of our programs will take place after regular school hours, however, when attending a program before 6:00 pm, please use the upper parking lot, located between the school and the fire hall.

The gym and community room are available for rentals such as children's birthday parties, during weekends, subject to availability and certain conditions. The provincial government is providing funding for this, to encourage community use of school buildings. Please contact the rec coordinator using the info below, if you're interested.
Please contact the Recreation Coordinator, Carly Hackborn, at or phone 620-2579 for more information.

The schedule of our recreation programs September to December.


10:00 am to 12 noonTake A Break:  We meet for crafts, coffee, tea and company! Come by for a game of crib? $1 drop-in fee. In the Community Room. Contact Anna Kinnunen for more information at 683-3795.

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Tae Kwon Do:  Come out and join Lappe's Progressive Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do Club, Featuring Bruce Johns & John DeAgazio (Black Belt Instructors). 

Classes are held on Monday nights until the end of  May.

Beginners class is from 6:00 to 7:00, Intermediate class is at 7:00pm, and the adult & advanced class is held from 8:00 to 9:00pm.

Children and adults are welcome and can try their first class for free. In the gym.

For more information contact Bruce at 622-3229, cell 624-7841, or John at 626-0314.

7:00 pm to 8:00 pmHatha Yoga:  A new instructor with 200 YYT training, Lori Byerley's classes will run for an hour of stretch, focus and relaxation.

It just feels really good! Cost is $7.50, with$2.50 to be donated to a local charity

Drop in! In the Community Room.

Contact Lori at 807 627 1312, email is


7:30 pm to 9:00 pm, Volleyball Drop-in: Most of this group has been playing together for years, and they know how to have fun! This is a drop-in, at no charge, but we do not give instruction either. For adults and teens aged 12 and up. In the gym.

Contact Chip at 768-7297 or email  for more info.



10:00 am to 12 noon, Rural Best Start:  This satellite program offers a weekly drop-in for pre-schoolers and their parents/caregivers.  There is no fee for this service, however, we ask that you bring in a nut-free snack for your child.

Please call 935-3009 for further information.

7:00 pm to 8:00 pmHatha Yoga:  Same info as above for Monday, Drop in! In the Community Room.

Contact Lori at 807 627 1312, email is








Transfer site requirements, restrictions and recycling guidelines



Transfer Site Punch Card 

Transfer Site Punch Card 

Do you need a punch-card for the transfer site?

Punch Cards ($20) will only be sold to residents or property owners within the Lappe Local Services Board area. Purchase cards at the Services Board Office at Gorham and Ware School. Office is just inside main door on the left side. Identification must be presented to confirm residency.  
To purchase Punch Cards through the mail, send a check with a copy of a bill to confirm the address of the property in the Services Board Area and a card will be sent back to you. 
Mail to:
Lappe and Area Local Service Board
2032 A Kam Current Rd
Gorham Ontario
 P7G 0K5                

Winter Hours
October 16 to April 15
Saturday     1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Summer Hours:
April 16th to October 15
Wednesday 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday     1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Sunday       2:00 pm to 7:00 pm  




Site Restrictions and Guidelines:

76 cm X 96 cm (30 in X 36 in)

76 cm X 96 cm (30 in X 36 in)

Site Restrictions and Guidelines:

Trout Lake Waste Transfer and Recycling Facility Recycling Guidelines
Recyclable items are accepted at our transfer site at no charge.You do not use the punch-cards for recycling. The various bins are labelled. Please make sure to follow the instructions. 

Place in one side of bin:
Plastics:  Only plastic bottles #1 & #2 with screw-top caps are acceptable. Please remove the caps. 
Metal Food Cans: Please rinse cans before recycling. Although pop cans are acceptable, we ask that you consider bringing these to the recycling bins at Gorham & Ware School, so the students can benefit from these funds. 
Tetra Packs, Juice and Milk Cartons:  Please rinse and flatten. 

Place in other side of bin: 
Newspapers, Other Paper, Fibre Egg Cartons, Cardboard, Boxboard:
Flatten all boxes. Do not place heavily coloured paper, or cardboard that is waxed in these bins. 

In a separate bin: 
All glass bottles and jars are recyclable, please remove caps and rinse first. 

he cost is one punch per regular-sized garbage bag.Bag maximum size is
76 cm X 96 cm (30 in X 36 in). Oversize bags will be need to use two credits or more on their punch card. A measuring box is available at the site to confirm size limitations.  
lease remember that we cannot accept the following at our facility: yard, construction, or electronic waste, appliances or hazardous materials.Our services board has an agreement with the City of Thunder Bay to accept our household waste. This agreement states that our recyclable items must be properly separated and recycled, and not placed in the garbage.

It is important to remember that reducing the amount of garbage we generate naturally happens when we reduce the amount of items we buy. Try purchasing in bulk, ask yourself if you really need an item before you buy it. Re-using items also helps reduce the amount of garbage. And recycling items as listed above, and recycling your unwanted items to places such as the Salvation Army or other stores in town will help, too. If you have not done so already, start a composter this year! It is a great way to reduce the amount of garbage you make, and at the same time, you will be making a superb soil-enhancer to add to your gardens. 


Explore Lappe



Explore Nature:




Explore Lakes and Rivers: 



Kayak, canoe, walk along the shore or just enjoy the view at the many lakes and rivers found in the Lappe Area


Grow: take a class, grow some vegetables or flowers, visit the market and take home some fresh vegetables the many homemade items available. 



 The Lappe Community:

There are many beautiful areas to explore or start a new adventure here.  Kayak on one of the many lakes, fish, canoe, hike , ski or just take a drive to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Experience The Lappe Community

Shooting in the Cold 






How to Shoot in a
Cold Climate

Shooting in the a cold climate poses a list of challenges. 
Living in Lappe we have snow on the ground for 6 months
out of the year. Taking photographs in these extreme
conditions can cause some issues with your camera. Here
are some tips to keep your camera rolling in these conditions. 

Acclimate your Gear - take your camera outside first ( in the
case of course) Getting the camera outside first for about
10-15 minutes to let it climatized to the condition you will be
shooting in will help prevent condensation fogging on your
lens and viewfinder. 

If your camera does get iced up, use an air puffer to removed
any frost and then wipe the lens with a microfibre cloth, 
always wipe in a circular motion on the lens. Do Not ever
breathe on your lens this can fog up or damage your lens. 


Keep an extra battery in your inside pocket of your jacket, 
keep it warm as cold weather tends to drain batteries quickly. 

When you are finished taking photos outside you never want
to bring your camera in to warm up right away as this will
cause condensation on the camera and lens. You can put the
camera in a plastic bag until your camera reaches room
temperature, the water will gather on the inside of the bag
and keep your camera dry. I simply leave my camera in my
back pack with some silica packs that I have saved, these are
great for keeping moisture low in my pack. 

Remember to dress in layers to keep warm while out
shooting in the winter months. 










Is your home in need of repairs?


The Ontario Renovates Program;

 We may be able to HELP you: live in your home longer; repair your home with eligible repairs to make it safe while improving energy efficiency; install features that support modifications and renovations to increase accessibility. 

You may be eligible for a forgivable loan (forgiven at 10% per year) through the Ontario Renovates Program if: Your total household income is at or below: Single or couple with no dependents - $40,000 Household with one dependent - $55,000 Household with two dependents - $65,000 Household with 3 or more dependents - $78,200 The condition of your home is substandard or deficient and needs repair to bring it up to a reasonable standard. Your cash and assets are at or below $20,000 (savings account, bonds, not including locked in RRSP/RESP/RDSP). he house that needs repair is your sole and principal residence. 

You may also be eligible for a GRANT of up to $3,500 to make your home accessible for such items as ramps, chair lifts, handrails, height adjustments for counters, cues for doorbells/fire alarms. No repayment required if approved. Eligible repairs may include but are not limited to: Structural / Roof / Electrical / Plumbing / Heating / Fire Safety / Septic Systems / Well Water / Improved Accessibility / Safety-related features that help seniors and persons with disabilities remain in their home. Your eligibility will be fully assessed once you complete and submit an Application Form. 

For further information and details on how you can apply visit the TBDSSAB website at or call the office at (807) 766-2111 (Ext. 4091). 

The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board
31 May Street South Thunder Bay, ON P7E 1B5
ax (807) 345-7921
The Ontario Renovates Program, a component of the Investment in Affordable Housing in Ontario, is made available to The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administrative Board through funding from the federal and provincial governments.





Currently there are no Tenders


The Lappe and Area Local Area Services Board Office is located in the Gorham and Ware School. 

Office hours are:  
Monday 9:30 am to 2:00 pm
Tuesday 11:30 am to 7:30 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

Phone (807) 768-4350    Fax (807) 768-9000

Located at: 2032A Kam Current Road, Gorham, On P7G 0K5



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